• Mobile Backhaul

    Mobile Backhaul

    Engineered for the requirements of tomorrow’s networks, DragonWave-X’s Horizon solutions respond to the needs of 3G/4G operators with sub 0.1 ms latency, native Ethernet, wire speeds up to 4 Gbps and software-selectable solution from hybrid to full-packet for network evolution.

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  • Small Cell Networks

    Small Cell Networks

    Zoning-friendly, compact units mounted unobtrusively on street lamp poles, utility poles or the sides of buildings define the DragonWave-X Avenue® products—perfect for delivering 3G and 4G service in the urban core and other high-density areas.

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  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

    Faced with increased responsibilities but restricted budgets, the agencies that protect our cities, borders, ports, and infrastructure can still expand their intelligence networks by investing in efficient new communication technology.

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  • State & Local Government

    State and Local Government

    Government agencies at all levels are faced with new demands driven by a multitude of next-generation applications and services. Video surveillance and traffic cameras, real-time infrastructure monitoring, digital records, first responder communications and broadband connectivity to schools and government offices all have the potential to enhance the lives of citizens and improve the efficiency of governments.

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  • Last-Mile Fiber Extension

    Last-Mile Fiber Extension

    With the greatest demand for broadband services coming from within the core metro markets, DragonWave-X’s point-to-point wireless solutions present an ideal complementary networking option to rapidly extend high speed IP services from locations that are already attached to the service provider’s network. Key fiber extension applications include: network hardening, disaster recovery, legacy TDM services and native Ethernet transport.

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  • Rural Cellular Backhaul

    Rural Cellular Backhaul

    DragonWave-X’s high capacity wireless backhaul solutions provide the ideal combination of capacity and reach without the high initial cost of fiber or recurring cost and low performance of leased T1/E1 lines.

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